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Monday, September 28, 2009

My Hotness is My Hotness, Minivan or not!

It was bound to happen: I am now a mom who drives a minivan. How did this happen? With one purchase, a Black Dodge Caravan (pic below), my life changed. I am probably one of the last people you would guess to have a minivan parked in their garage. I am a savvy, trendy, thirty-something mom of two preschoolers. I frequent Starbucks. I am a soccer and t-ball mom. I have a Blackberry, wear fashionable clothes (at least I tell myself so) and yes, I drive and love my minivan! And I don’t care who thinks I have sold out, because I am a mom now! Never say never!

Well, let’s see: first, there was much logical reasoning for getting a mini-van from my husband. He put it this way: “Mini vans are just more practical, and it makes sense for you to have one. Why not? You need the space, the babies will appreciate the space and minivans are safe. It just makes sense.” Blah, blah, blah. Of course, there was much more that my ever-logical loving husband pointed out, but I want to get on with the rest of the story, so that was the long and short from him. Of course, I’m not blaming my wonderful husband for why we got a minivan; I’m simply stating he did not make any points that favor into why I should not drive a minivan. Likely!

Second, there were my parents, who kindly added, “You have outgrown your SUV. You need a minivan!I have two children; you would think I had octuplets, the way these people are acting! Likely! Why is it that no one ever makes the suggestion for me to get a Mercedes-Benz CLS63. Where is my husband with all that good, sound, logical advice for why I should get a Mercedes? To me it just makes sense that we should go out and buy one for me to drive! Yeah, okay. Hey, a Mercedes is safe and roomy, too! Once again, likely!

What I am learning is that driving a minivan is a love-hate relationship. The love: Deep inside you love this wonderful vehicle and all its kid-lovin’ features, like automatic sliding doors, a trunk that opens with the push of a button and space that allows you to go from the front of the vehicle to the back with ease. And, how about the built in toddler seat and oh, yes, let’s not forget the DVD player, for those long trips to Grandma’s, and to Florida beach vacations! It’s hard to ignore my toddler’s sighs of “Ahhhhhhh, what space! What freedom!” I love my minivan! Did I say that out loud? I think I did! Ladies, this is the first step!

The hate: Will I still be cute driving this minivan? I asked my husband, mom and sister this question at least a hundred times! See, the minivan is a great vehicle for any mom to own. It beats out the SUV I used to drive, any day. It’s true! I know I was super-cute in the SUV; at least that’s what all the guy stares said. The biggest problem with the minivan is not the minivan per say, it’s the hotness factor, or should I say the lack of, that it possesses. As I struggled with my issues of road appeal, something came to me. Hey, I am a hot mom, no matter what I drive! I’m still me! Hence the statement “My hotness is my hotness, Minivan or not! Hot moms drive Minivans! I am confident in who I am and will not be defined by the car, or in this case, the van, that I drive.

So, to all you moms who are thinking about getting a minivan, as you cruise up and down that car lot with its fleet of minivans, say to yourself: “My hotness is my hotness, minivan or not! Hot moms do drive minivans!” Forget all about road appeal and start thinking about all those fabulous features you want in your new minivan! Say hello to space, convenience and more road trips! To all those moms who already own minivans, put on your oversize shades and drive on, hot mamas! I’ll honk when I see you!

The way I see it, wearing super cute jeans, a pair of leopard printed flats, an my ultra chic Victoria Beckham bob, topped off with hooped silver earrings, oversize sunglasses and M.A.C. lip gloss (I prefer, MAC lip gloss in “Oh Baby”) while driving off in my minivan says: “Caution, hot mom aboard!”

This also works well with coordinated hoodies and yoga pants, another one of my favorite mommy outfits! Over-sized shades are a great accessory for minivan mamas but, I will get into this more in my upcoming, “Mom Fashion and the Minivan,” coming soon!

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