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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Leave God's Pens Alone Mommy!

In the church foyer there are ink pens available for taking notes, writing your offering check, doodling kids, etc. Somehow every so often one of these pens makes it home with me :) 

The other day, I pulled out of my purse one of these "CHURCH" pens to address a letter I was about to mail. Mistake! My 4 year old son says to me, "MOMMY why do you ALWAYS bring God's pens home from church with you!? (his tone was scolding and filled with disappointment in me) He goes on to ask me in a very serious tone..."Could you please stop taking God's pen home in your purse?" I was dumbfounded, he had a point. LOL!!!

One of God's Pens from church. 
These pens are everywhere..the kitchen drawer, my purses, the car, blah, blah :)

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Kylie B said...

lol that is soo cute!

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