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Saturday, October 3, 2009

Happy Fall Ya'll

love Fall! Not because my birthday is in the first week of Autumn :) I love Fall because of change it brings. Out with the heat and in with the chill. Here are a few of my Fall Favorites.

I hope that you will share yours too :)

1.      Fall Foliage ( also known as the changing of the leaves to yellows, reds and browns)
2.    The Chill in the air (YAY! Sweater weather)
3.    Taking the tots to the park for bikes rides, while walking hand in hand with my hubby
4.    The smells of cinnamon, oranges & cloves
5.     Pumpkins (Pie, Bread, Seeds, Candles, Latte, you get the picture)
6.    Decorating the Yard- Our family theme "Harvest Time” 
7.     Raking Leaves and tots jumping in
8.    Snuggling in soft blankets while watching movies
9.    Cozy socks & Flannel PJs
10.  Pie & Cookies in the oven
11.   The Fireplace
12. Recipes with brown sugar
13. Shorter Days and Longer Nights
14. Chilli & Vegetable Soup
15.  Wind blowing through leaves
16. Cuddling and Drinking Apple Cider
17.  Crocheting Scarves
18. A good book on a chilly night
19. Trips to the Corn Maze, Pumpkin Patch,  and Smoky Mountains
20. Family   

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