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Saturday, October 10, 2009

Story Book Character Day

The Pre-School our children attend uses the last week in October as "Spirit Week". Sprit Week is a religious friendly and policitically correct week of enjoying the "Fall Harvest". Due to Halloweens origin may parents, like us choose to welcome the Fall Harvest. 

Spirit Week includes a different theme for each day in that week starting with sports day (the children dress in sports gear), Pajama day, etc. Spirit weekends with the main event on Friday being “Story Book Character Day”. The children dress in their favorite Story book Character and bring along the storybook in to be read by the teacher/parents. There is also a big Harvest Party that day filled with all types of fall treats.

Last year, our daughter Lake, then 2 when as her love "Cinderella" and our son Hunter, then 3 when as his love "Spiderman". With story books in hand, it was a success.

With Spirit week at the end of this month, I thought we should start to think about what characters we should be this year. Well, my Daughter Lake, now 3yrs old, was thrilled about being a "Queen Bee". My mom had already brought an adorable custom made Bee custom. It is adorable! Good ole GlamMa! Baby Girl done! We also have decided to write our own storybook this year, starting none other than Queen Bee Lake.

Now on to my son Hunter, who is now 4 yrs old. We have gone back and forward with what/whom he wants to be. First, he was dead set on being Spiderman again. Fine with me, we still have the customer and it fits perfectly. Money saved! Cha-ching!!

A few days past, and now he is into being Bumblebee from the Transformers. Ok, good. I know of at least three stores in a 5 miles radius that has that customer. I was on my way to purchase it, and decided to wait to take Hunter with me to make sure that he REALLY wanted to be Bumblebee and not one of the other Transformers. Besides, it is also a good idea to check the size with him present. 

Yep, you guessed it. We are getting ready to make the trip to the store and Hunter says to me, I don't want to be a Transformer anymore! And in his hands he has a wrinkled up advertisement that came in the mail weeks ago. This advertisement is from Party City. This paper is filled with costumes! I'm thinking great, here we go again. It's at least 20 or more costumes in this sales paper.

Hunter says to me: "Mommy, I promise...I really know what storybook character I want to be. I am not changing anymore."
I say ok big boy, show mommy who you are going to be. With his big bright eyes and excitement in his voice, he says to me: "I want to be the man that brings your cell phones in the big brown truck!"

I'm speechless as I look down at the paper and he has circled a costume for the UPS Guy!!! 

Now, this is funny in my house because I go though cell phones, let’s just say often. Really, it's like I always get all the defective cell phones ever made! I got a new one only 2 weeks ago. Anyway! 

Here's the kicker. Hunter says to me: "oh yeah, mommy I am going to need one of your old cell phones and a box!!!!"

Now, tell me when you have ever seen the UPS Guy in any storybook or fairy tale!!! I guess, there will be one now =)


Hey Little Dude, Is there a cell phone for me in that box??!!!!

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